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Started the day with breakfast in the sun outside the outhouse. Stevie & Debs just wanted a chilled out day at the barn and a play in the river. Before the sun got too hot I got Stevie to give a hand with three small jobs. First off was to get the log burner up to the first floor of the main barn. It weighs a ton and so the chain hoist came out. Making the stair well over size and open under one of the main roof beams was a great bit of forethought as it meant that we could man handle the stove to the foot of the stairs then hoist it straight up off the perlin; then just swing it over the floor and gently lower it onto a couple of boards.

Next was to get the 2 oak beams out of the ceiling that we need in order to make the window openings. These had been slung under the first floor beams out of the way. They were salvaged out of the original roof structure and measure about 7-8m each.

Lastly there is a big rock by the terrace that Breezy and I cannot lift between us. Between Stevie and I we got it into the muck truck and I dumped it where we will be rebuilding the wall at the back of the barn. The wall got demolished when we put the main roof on as we needed easy access to a lot of stone to rebuild the walls of the back of the barn. Once we start knocking through for the new windows we shall start to rebuild the wall.

Stevie & Debs headed off to the river to build a pool and have a dip while Breezy & I set about wiring in 3 light pull switches upstairs that Debs kindly bought out from the UK. France don’t seem to sell these so Debs went into Wilkos in Matlock for us.

While Breezy sorted out some lunch I went with Stevie & Debs to see the waterfall. Just below there were signs of dried out ceps but I did find a few bolets which I believe are good to eat. I think they are Bolet Porphyre (Porphyrellus porphyrosporus).

Very quickly the clouds rolled in and it started to rain so it was indoors for lunch.

In the afternoon our guests went down to the village to get phone reception and have a beer at the bar leaving us to sit down and plan marketing for Ski Breezy and the chalet in Chamonix for the coming winter.

I cooked super for us which we ate outside as the skies cleared again. Sort of a paella with chorizzo sausage and chicken. It seemed to go down OK and all went (even if I finished it).

We finished the evening off by paraffin lanterns.

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