Rainy Sunday

Egg Window - Always a winnerEgg Window – Always a winner

More rain which was a bit dull as we were really hoping to get the battery charged up fully before we head back, don’t think that is going to happen so we are minimizing on electricity at the moment.

We decided to light the stove first thing and get rid of any putty residue so we could have a snug night without any funny smells. That seemed to work a treat and it seems to be working really well which is great.

We then decided we needed to attack the water catchment area so we can hopefully come back to full tanks and no more trips to the river for water. That is the plan anyway.

We first had to get the main water buts in place and levelled out which was considerably easier than when full, we have nearly run the cave dry. Once in place and stabilised we then had to find a way of drill holes in them to accept pipes.

We needed one pipe to link the 2 butts together which needed 2 holes drilling and then another hole for the overflow.

One of Al’s grandfather’s tools came in use again as we stretched inside the butts to fasten on washers and make sure the adaptors were water tight.

So we now had water being able to be connected between the 2 butts and an overflow system in place, now the only problem was to get water into the butts in the first place.

Al had recycled some pipe from the skip which was the perfect length and we used an old blue container for the catchment area.

Trenches were dug to accommodate the pipe from the main down pipe into the water butts and hey presto we have a system in place.


A late lunch and the sun had come out which was great and it was actually really quite hot.

In the pm, we made the last adjustments with cleaning out the catchment water butt before attaching everything. Then bringing up a load of rocks from the water to act as a filter system for the water and it will look good, just need to hide the ugly blue container now, but we have ideas how to do that for tomorrow.

Al ended up on the roof again still trying to fix the leak which is beginning to be a pain in the neck and then you guessed it we went a mushrooming again!!!

We went back to our Favourite spot and found 2 really good ones before exploring the area opposite the barn, now that the bull has been removed we felt safe to go. Managed to find a Brown Birch Bolette to go with the other 2 Orange bolettes. Lots of poisonous ones on the way down and Al found some more in a new location, though old and not edible this time they seem to come back to the same locations so the more places we can find the better.

We had prawns for tea as a starter and then it was on to sausages and mash. Plenty of Bezique, Al thrashed me with 2 double Beziques!!!! Bed in a very toasty place but not for a good night’s kip as the mouse has found a way in and who ever made the phrase “quiet as a mouse” was wrong they are really noisy. Al explored middle of the night but to no avail, how to get rid of him…..


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