Planting up the garden


Having driven down from Chamonix with a van full of stuff collected over the winter we opened up the barn to find very little animal activity over the winter. In fact all was pretty clean and tidy.  The grass had grown and needed cutting but other than that it was all in pretty good condition.

We did have some lovely surprises.  The clematis on the gable end of the barn was very healthy and covered in buds.  The cherry tree also had blossom on. All the fruit bushed were laden with buds and flowers.

Before we headed away on holiday the raised beds were weeded and planted up with seed. Clive had ordered us some raspberry canes which needed some beds creating so we sorted that.  We found time to venture up the hill in search of morels, and even though it was a little late we found one.  Our first ever morel!

Although blessed with fine weather we lit the fire each evening to take the winter chill out of the walls.

Hopefully when we get back from Sri Lanka we should have some food out of the garden?

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