Pink Fizz & Fire Basket

Happy Birthday Al and Happy 40th Birthday Henry!!!

As we still needed a load of ballast we headed off early, down the valley to St Girons with the truck and trailer. It was another glorious day. Loaded up and procured a few bits and bobs before the stores closed at twelve. Collecting Freddy’s ladders en route we went straight up to the barn and over the bridge for the last time. With only a couple of inches clearance on either side of the Toyota we try to go across the bridge as little as possible. It is only a matter of time before we put a ding in the truck, however, reducing the distance between a ton of ballast and where it needs mixing is worth the risk. No dings yet and I managed to get the truck right up to the outhouse. While I shovelled out of the back, Breezy used the muck truck to ferry ballast up from the trailer which we had left near the bridge.

A late lunch of sandwiches in the sun. In the afternoon we set about putting up the vent pipe for the toilet. We used the flexible pipe supplied with the toilet to go through a convenient hole in the wall and then attached it to 100mm plastic to go up the outside of the building and clear the roof. The wind fan then screwed to the top.

Toilet VentToilet Vent  Vent fittedVent fitted Fizz and Fire


Another half hour was spent fitting the insulation for under the floor in the outhouse ready for concreting the next day.

As it was my birthday we shared a bottle of pink fizz with the warmth of the fire basket before heading back to the gite and roast chuck. Thanks Ken the fire basket is brilliant and had lots of use already and will we know get plenty more.

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