On route back

We woke up again to snow. Al was happy as he could have a long soak in a bath while I used the wifi to catch up on work e mails.

All looking good for a 9am ish start BUT oh no the car would not start. The steering wheel was locked and we could not get the key to turn. Europe Assistance to the rescue, managed to get the truck going but said we needed to go to Toyota, he kindly took us to Toyota who said the piece would take 3-4 days to order, not ideal!! So we only had one option try not to take the key out of the ignition and do not lock the wheel.

So first stop was Metro which was 2 mins from Toyota, to stock up on wine for the party. A really helpful chap gave us some advice so hoping it is good wine!!! The truck started again so that was a relief. We headed north just after midday.

It was the start of a bit of an epic we decided to go via Paris, not a good decision but you live and learn, we missed a turn off and got stuck in traffic and then more traffic and then yet more of the traffic.

It took 3 hours to get round Paris with Al reading the map getting us out of a mess through lots of back roads and suburbs!!! We finally reached our chosen spot for the night not able to find the hotel and so after I spoke to them, they said they were closed for food and really unfriendly we decided to find somewhere else. Not that easy we ended up driving on to Amiens, city of one way streets. Finally de camped into Hotel Ibis (mainly because they had safe parking) because we would hate to loose all that wine!!! at 10.30pm cream crackered!!! We found a little bar serving pizzas which was ideal so a glass of wine and a pizza and head on the pillow by midnight, we were pooped!!!!

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