More storms ahead

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The mornings had developed a bit of a routine. The alarm is set for just before 8am. If we didn’t do that we would oft still be in bed at 9; outrageous! Put kettle on and a pan for washing up water if it hasn’t been done the night before. Odd ablutions, washup, make coffee for me and a cordial (yes Breezy is off the diet coke) for Breezy. Then internet before breakfast.

The internet is our main communication these days, especially here in the mountains where mobile reception is so limited. With Ski Breezy it is impossible to ignore emails for more than 24hrs at this time of year with fresh enquiries for the chalet coming in each day. For me it is doing the blog, pictures, seo stuff for Ski Breezy, sorting out materials and general emails.

After breakfast we crack on with the list. Today was forecast rain but started clear so we profited first off with some outdoor work. Siting the new compost bin and starting digging a raised bed.

Once the midges got too annoying and the drizzle started we headed indoors for a bit of wiring prep before plasterboarding the bathroom ceiling.

Bit more internet before curry night in the outhouse; my turn to cook.

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