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On our return from the UK we had 7 days of “voluntary quarantine”. Not quite sure how that fits in to a Nation managing Covid, but we did it anyway. This gave us plenty of opportunity to fix, fettle and create things. As well as gardening. Noteworthy examples were:

The steps out of the front of the barn have been slowly rotting away over the years. Treads have been replaced and additional support has been added to prolong their life. However, they have not weathered the winter very well and had to be replaced. The Man Cave (a small outbuilding with a green roof) is our store for random wood. I say “our store” but it is mine really. Anyway, some beams were found for the stringers, a couple of hardwood treads and some teak we brought back from my Brother in the UK. Some careful cutting, glueing and a couple of screws later and we now have a new set of steps which look like they have been there for years.

Amongst our salvage was an old Davos sledge. With the addition of some rustic rope, 3 bits of old floorboard, 2 old leather belts and a handful of screws it is now a bookshelf in the hallway.

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