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The round flower bed

Having driven from Chamonix in a day and stayed overnight with Rene & Anouk at the Auberge in Salau, we got up to the barn with a very laden van. As well as “stuff” we brought over from the UK at the beginning of the winter, we had acquired quite a lot of random salvage in Chamonix.

Someone was good to us as we had perfect weather for unloading, and we did spread it out over a couple of days (because we could).

The barn had faired pretty well over the winter with no major damage or infestations. The main objective was to get the garden planted up with seeds before heading off to see family in the UK. Lots of weeding and a little sowing. We had picked up some lettuce plugs, beetroot and blet plants to be able to get a slight head start for early harvesting. As ever, with us, there is an element of sow what you can and see what comes up after 3 weeks of complete neglect. This year, however, we have a cork board in the kitchen so a map was drawn up of what went in where so that we knew what was what when we came back. One thing that was in the van which got first use was some fibreglass rods which when bent over the raised beds made a great “support” for netting to stop the deer scoffing our seedlings.

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