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Last night we received and email from Hans sayings that he could make it over today to help us with the window in the gable end. We had planned to start building up the walls on the last little ruined building to use up the cement. Plans change.

The alarm was set for 7am to give us time to work on emails and the web stuff for Ski Breezy before Hans was expected around 9am.

Hans actually arrived just before 11 in time for the sun to hit us (and coffee) giving us loads of web time and some time to do odd chores.

Trying to fit something new, straight and with right angles into a hole which is completely irregular is a little tricky and time consuming.

No injuries, one burnt out power plane and a small mountain of wood shavings and sawdust later and the window is in (complete with fettled shutters).

In between helping Hans and I with the window bits, Breezy also managed to sort out the veggie garden, stock take food and a number of other “must do” jobs.

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