Fiddly Solar Panels

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Another glorious day. Autumn feels like it is coming with the cooler mornings. Al set to with doing the strimming of the bracken before it got too hot while I sorted out Ski Breezy work and caught up with a few e mails.

We then had a later brekky when the sun hit the front terrace, boiledy eggs was a lovely change from all the fruit we have been eating!!!

We still had loads of stuff from the shopping day in Vinnie so while Al un loaded the van and brought it all up to the main barn. I set about opening solar kits etc so we could install the new solar panels for the main barn and give the battery a full charge.

Easier said than done. What we though would be an hour job took on the best part of 3 hours. Fiddly cables, badly designed and a total faff. By 2.30pm we decided lunch was needed.

Salmon salad in the sun no need for the parasol as there was quite a cool wind.

After lunch it was back to the problem with the how to get the battery up to the high shelf. Came to the conclusion I am not tall enough or strong enough to get the battery that high so we need to wait for an extra pair of hands or two. We set the battery up on the ground in the main barn and the solar panels seem to be happily charging the battery.

We decided to do a couple of hours of flooring which finished the bathroom side to the other side of the stairs.

We prepped the other side so we can finish it in half a day. Moved the blue door again which is so heavy!!! And lots of wood to create the space so we are all set to go.

It was a lovely evening so after showers I wrote a few PC’s. A delicious roast chicken supper before a hand of Bezique, Al thrashed me with flush after flush!!!

A few more chapters of my fab book The Labyrinth based around Carcassone well worth a read then to bed.


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