DIY Birthday….

September has been glorious and then only day it decides to rain is my birthday so our walk was not to be this year. So after a leisurely am with pressie and card opening we tackled the porch.

Main thing was to get the ceiling in to the porch area. So used up any insulation we had left. Then on to plasterboarding, electrics and then filling the joints before calling it a day.

In between times I had a quick forage out the back to find some mushies to go with the steak. 1 parasol out the back and 2 cheekily hiding out via the main side terrace. We had a dash in between rain to favourite field and added a birch bolette to the collection. We ran back as the rain started to chuck it down again!!!!

Neither of us felt like a shower in the rain so we lit the fire did a little quick internet, skyped a few people  and then cracked open the pink fizz and then had delicious steaks, with salad and wild mushies perfecto!


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