Chris left for the airport

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Chris left for the airport at about 5:30 am.  We heard nothing!!!

We woke up to blue sky, which inspired us to get going, a very pleasant change from all the rain we have been having. On the way up we filled the trailer with more stones for filling in the back wall. We cracked on with filling in the second box in the back wall, which actually seemed to go quite quickly.  Al sorted out a rope to haul the buckets of cement up which made life easier. Lee popped in to see the place as he had only seen it from the outside. Also Daniella’s parents popped in to see the progress as they seem to be on holiday whenever we are down. They don’t speak English so conversation was limited to sign language!

By lunchtime we had finished the middle section of wall and set the last box in place ready to finish off tomorrow all being well unless the sun shines and we get out for an explore.

We spent the afternoon attacking the back outside area, mainly tidying up. We shifted a lot of the broken slate to infill where we are going to put 2 grey water tanks just behind the larger of the outhouses.  We trimmed the over hanging pine tree, shifted the rest of the ballast down to the front door, and removed the set cement from the grass where we had been preparing cement  last year.

Headed home at 5ish and pottered about, very nice!

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