Ceiling done and lights again

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A bit of a cloudy start but dry so that was fine for us.

We cracked on with finishing off the ceiling which took about an hour. Alison and the gang turned up for elevenses and we showed them round up dating them with the progress. Coffee in the sun very nice. They trundled back down to Salau and we put the last few planks in and now we have a ceiling yippee.

Morning coffeeMorning coffee 

The rest of the morning was sorting out lighting and wiring, we now have 3 down lighters in the mezzanine ceiling, one main light and 3 flexi lights shing on to the mezzanine itself, all on different circuits so plenty of light for the evenings now, HUGE difference.

Al worked for quite a while re locating the battery up on to a shelf out of the way and sorting wires etc out. Sorted out wires for the solar panel so they now come through the back of the building which is a lot better saves us tripping over wires all the time. We put up another shelf and WOW the place really feels like a home, small and cosy perfect.

New shelfNew shelf 

I went a brambling again before showers and rose o’clock.

Time to pack and get sorted for our 2 day venture, very excited about that keep the sun a shining. Pasta loading for supps and cards and bed, early ish start tomorrow.

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