Catch Up Day

Final brekky with Sauze and Patrick before they headed back up north. Twas really FAB to see them both, great company, brilliant tree choppers and even better to have an explore too. Thanks for coming to see us mucho appreciated.

We then got turned about with lots of bits and pieces. I tackled some internet stuff for Ski Breezy while Al pottered on with building steps outside.

Then it was time to get on top of the garden, picked any veg, weeded lots and then a big haul of brambles to keep us going.

A late, quick and light lunch in the sun, list making and then on to a bit more coppicing of small shrubs in preparation to clear another area over the next couple of weeks.

A quick forage and we found some pied de moutons pretty small but should be good for going into something we concoct.

Hot showers and BIG internet session before we have marinaded chicken on the BBQ with left over salads and an early night much needed.


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