Cascade de D’Ars

With the recent rainfall and the more relaxed travel limitations we decided to venture out of the valley for a hike up Cascade D’Ars. Having parked in Aulus we took the GR10 towards the cascade rather than taking the 4×4 track from the hairpin. It is a much more interesting route up the gorge and joins the 4×4 before the bridge. The Cascade itself was very impressive and definitely worthy of a few photos.

We climbed the trail up to the top of the cascade where we ate lunch before taking the loop back down through the forest. As we had no bread to make sandwiches I made two empanadas the night before with red pepper, onion, courgette, chorizzo and wild mushrooms (dried morrels, horn of plenty and ceps). Oh and half a boiled egg in each. At first I thought that I had made them a little on the large side but these Spanish equivalent of Cornish pasties were delicious and devoured accordingly. Thank you Mr Stein for the inspiration.

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