Breezy’s 40th Birthday

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We let the rabble have breakfast and get out the door before we surfaced. A simple breakfast of crusty bread, jam and plenty of coffee then out to set off. Once packed and paid up I realised that the school group must have taken my walking poles. They must have removed Breezy’s pack from the hook and replaced it to get at them but they were nowhere to be found. The rabble had left their sacks to go up Valier before heading off back to the parking so we chatted to the Guardians who said they would try and locate them and get them back to us.

We set off down to Etang Rond and up to Etang Long. The two lakes were beautiful and very aptly named as one was round and the other was in fact long. Cloudless skies and no wind made the reflections vivid and ripe for photography.


Up over Port de Barlonguere 2400m and Passage de L’Esque before traversing over above Cap de Raspe and down the ridge towards Cabane de Clot du Lac. Then joining the GR10 down the valley and back to the parking.

Port de BarlonguerePort de Barlonguere Port de BarlonguerePort de Barlonguere Port de BarlonguerePort de Barlonguere

The school group arrived about ten minutes later and one of the teachers apologised profusely for taking my poles and said that the Guardians had sorted them out and dropped them off at the Gite D’Etape near the car park. Reunited we set off to Saint Girons for a cuppa tea with my parents before heading back up to the barn for a birthday bottle of fizz, steak and card opening.

Thanks to everyone for their very funny cards and some lovely pressies too, much appreciated and made leaving the 30’s and joining the 40’s much better!!! As they say life begins at 40, well it has been a good start so far.


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