Big Clear Out

Another overcast day so we decided it was time for "egg window surprise" Al did a fantastic breakfast of egg window and sautéed potatoes to keep us going. It was a good feeling to have no pressure for the last day and not having to run around like headless chickens getting things done.

Instead we gradually cleared out the inside of the barn of all the dead wood which will make good logs and we shifted any decent wood we had saved up onto the first floor. All of a sudden we have a huge space in the downstairs of the main barn which will be ideal for next time where we can work inside if the weather is bad. We basically pottered on tidying and sorting with bits of packing etc.

Outhouse doneOuthouse done 

A late lunch and then a final tidy up of the wood down by the river and I managed to tweak my back on the last lift of the trip. Left me on my back in the outbuilding whilst Al did the final last bits of heaving and burning.

We had arranged to meet Clive and Giselle for a quick beer and catch up at the bar and then it was back to the barn for a delicious Shepherds Pie before bed.

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