Dinner Digging and Divining

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Yesterday we spent the whole morning scouring the forest behind the grange for an “eau de source” or a spring. No luck. Whenever we see the Mayor, the first thing he says is have we found the source yet! It gets a little repetitive after a while. On the flora front; as well as naturalised autumn flowering crocus we have naturalised hellebores as well. 

Had lunch, and then back to the apartment for a siesta, clean up and a game of boule before going out to dinner.

Pierre who had helped us with the collection of slates had kindly asked us for dinner at his place, in the old school opposite the church so a 2 minute walk away.

He is a very interesting chap with lots of insight into the area and a fund of local knowledge. He is a great friend of the previous owner and just wants to see the place lived in. He is going to keep an eye on the place in our absence.

He had cooked a lovely meal of duck with honey chestnuts and fantastic baked spuds which he had split open and had then stuffed a little bit of ginger and thyme in the centre and finally wrapped them in cured ham before baking them.

Before we left he said that he had 2 Japanese Apple trees for us to plant at the Bergerie which have lovely red flowers.

Early start today to meet Bernard with his digger. An hour or so later and we have expanded the entry from the piste and created a parking / delivery area for the autumn. By the time we get back in September Bernard says it will be grassed over again and not be noticeable.

We then refashioned a coat hanger and used a couple of biro sleeves to make a pair of divining rods. Having trampled through the knee high wet grass several times, the results are promising to the back of the building. Maybe we have an opportunity for a well or bore hole. Decided to cut the grass in the autumn and get a few others involved in water divining then.



Back to the apartment for lunch and to start sorting lists out for the autumn.

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