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Cirk Vost

Today we have arranged to go over to Carcassonne to see Stevie & Debs and Andy & Mimi at Cirk Vost. Stevie and Andie have built a bamboo structure for the latest show, Boo. Having arranged to meet up about 4pm we only have the morning to get stuff done at the barn. Breezy is always saying that there are never enough hours in a day to get everything done and we never seem to have time to relax; so this morning we went ahead at double speed. Go figure?

So we finished off the lighting area in the ceiling and skimmed that, sorted out a bit of wood as skirting board for the porch and varnished that, had a clear up, showers and lunch before heading off at 1pm.

The route over took us past Brico Depot, a huge warehouse of building stuff so we popped in there to checkout shower cubicles. Showering under the tree is all well and good at this time of year but come September it gets a little chilly.

Got to Carcassone and found the site in time for the preset for the show and to see Mimi practice.

After a dinner in the city with Stevie, Debs, Clive and Jackie we took our places for Boo. The show starts at dusk and is a full on aerial extravaganza of trapeze, flying and falling bodies. A must see if it comes your way.

We camped on site with the crew after a couple of drinks at the bar.

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