Eco Concepts

Essentially we are starting with a very solid but basic shell of a building with no power, water, sewage, post box and most of a roof. The intention is to fix it up in such a way that it can be self sufficient once the roof is fixed. For us this is quite a challenge and has meant we have done some research en route already. This we propose to share in this category. We know that we will have to do loads more and no doubt we will have to overcome a few issues as well.

In documenting these and also identifying sources of information and support, then hopefully it will become a valuable resource for others attempting similar projects. Immediate thinking includes use of:

  • Solar power using Photo Voltaics
  • Wind power
  • Water Power (using the stream)
  • Heat Sink (need to learn loads on this one)
  • Thermal mass
  • Solar heating (hot air)
  • Solar heating (water)
  • Composting toilets
  • Filter / Reed beds (not sure the climate will make this a feasible option)
  • Carbon footprints
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