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Many thanks to Matthew and Esther Phillips for their information sharing on the eco front. They have sent through a couple of links which are really useful:- which is an easy read FAQs on photo voltaics.  which is the result of research paper about making buildings 'breathable' and why it's better all-round than the modern technique of trying to envelop buildings in impermeable barriers. This is especially important for old buildings with their stone walls without damp-proof courses. Like ours! Be warned this is not an easy read unless you are a boffin. Still not sure what meaning to take out of that one.

Thanks also to Mark & Lauren who added a comment to the previous post with a couple of useful links to pages of links. I will plough through them but I am impressed with this site purely for its numpty proof, plain speaking information.

Next steps for us is to work out what power we need to generate and how, then identify what implications that has for the roof design so that we don't end up having to alter the roof after we have built it. Just seems like everything needs to be considered in detail before you start anything. The biggest nightmare is establishing where to start as there seems to be so many variables.

Happy New Year to all! 

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  1. New solar panels technology: Simply put, ‘direct’ solar tubes are the most efficient solar technology available. This is based on a 2001 study of all solar technologies by the Department of Trade and Industry. (Now Dept of Business).

    Since then solar tubes have evolved further, and now we are proud to showcase the latest in ‘direct’ heat solar tubes, which have improved solar efficiency even further, using only the highest quality components available in the solar industry. This gives the advantage of better performance and peace of mind but with no heat exchange required, this can free up your twin coil (when applicable) for other applications such as under floor heating/bio mass stoves etc.

    1. If you have a traditional ‘gravity feed’ system, with a southerly facing roof space, then you home is ideal.
    2. If you have a ‘vented’ thermal store with twin/solar coil, then your home is suitable too.
    3. If you have a Combi Boiler, then you will need to replace this at the end of it’s life for a condensing boiler with ‘vented’ tank.
    4. If you have a ‘high pressure’ system with gauges, then you will need to replace this with a ‘vented’ tank.

    Please find more info at:

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