Thanks Monti Bianco (Debs)  you beast for getting me into gear on this front!
We have had lots of interest from family and buddies some who are very keen to come and visit, lend a hand, sample the local wine, eat the yummy cheeses, wander in the mountains, or just to get away and see this area of The Pyrenees.
So for those who would like to squeeze a visit in this year, here are the dates we plan to be down there.
Al has booked time off work from 4th May until 4th June. I am as some of you think on one permanent holiday!!!! so will be there with Al until the summer season kicks in in Chamonix.
We would ideally like the first week to get ourselves organised before having any visitors. So feel free to visit any time from 11th May until 4th June.
If you are unable to make a visit in the Spring we are also planning a month or so in September dates not yet confirmed but I reckon from about 7th September. Will keep you posted on that though.
We are planning to rent an apartment for these 2 months to make life easier. We are in the process of finding somewhere but as yet do not know how big this will be and how much bed/floor space will be available. Again we will know more soon re lodgings… watch this space. There is a lovely place in Salau “Auberge Myrtille” where we have stayed cheap and cheerful with good home cooking too and a little bar which would be a good second/first option depending on finances and level of comfiness!!!
As I am sure you are all aware we have just a tad to do on the work front so we will not be able to do pick ups from the airport so it would mean renting a car to get to us. This will also let you go and explore the area and get away from the DIY!!!!
There are lots of options flight wise with old “Sleazy Jet” and “Ryan Air”.
There are 3 main airports to choose from all about 2 hours drive away.
Carcassone who I managed to get a ticket £15 one way with taxes. Very appealing to my Yorkshireness!
We would love to see anyone down there but I think we need to emphasize that we will be working hard for the month we are there although we are intending to get to know the area as well with a few explores which we will try and time in well with visitors. Rest assured food and wine will floweth in the evenings to keep us going!!!!
As and when people decide to come and stay we will post it up on the Blog so that we do not have too many people all at once.
Look forward to seeing whoever comes.
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