Visit from Daniella

Another glorious day. After yesterday we were both quite tired last night so opted against the alarm wake up this morning but low and behold 630am wide awake!!!

We did a couple of hours internet for Ski Breezy again before brekky and then into the veggie patch before too hot. The strong winds we have been having have battered the mange toute which needed stringing back up and lots of them too so have picked some for supper at the same time along with lettuces and broccoli.

We then set to digging out the next raised bed and then digging it over. An hour later job done. The turf we have relayed (loose term) plonked near the original veg patch in an attempt to start trying to level the back terrace out a bit. This will happen over a long period of time I think but hopefully in the end it will become more like a garden than a field at the back of the barn.

We had asked Daniella up for coffee as she has not seem the place for 4 years so quite a few changes. Coffee on the terrace and it was hot hot hot.

Before lunch we quickly did all the little jobs that needed the jigsaw and the circular saw so we can hand the tools back to Anouk and Rene on our way to Clive’s tomorrow. We have made a butterfly shaped key holder, a new table top for a coffee table upstairs and finished off the edging on the 2nd bedroom floor. Nice little jobs to have ticked off the list.

Lunch inside as it was so hot salad from the garden and then a cheeky little siesta was in order! Al tackled a few more electrics, I finished dismantling another pallet and the  varnished items this morning got a quick sand and the coffee table top got a quick oil.

Piping hot showers almost too hot and then internet looking for recipes for red currant jelly plus other ideas to use up red currants which are nearly ready and there are oodles of them!

Marinaded pork going oin the BBQ tonight with garlic, peppercorns, lemon, rosemary and oil should be good plus fresh veggies from the garden and if we have room the final slice of the rhubarb and almond cake which Al has really enjoyed. No butter or flour in it but scrummy nonetheless.


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