Lovely BBQ

Internet before brekky and then after that we attacked moving the internet up to the main barn in a few stages….take out all kit from down in out building, take dish down and re mount up on the main barn wall. Point the thing in which is always a fiddle and requires patience, consequently a job for Al rather than me!!

I did a few odds and sods strimming, sanding down the curvy wall ready for second plaster.

Got it in place and pointed to correct satelite and left it to sort itself out whilst we went to pick fruit for Clive but no need they are back from hols so we were let off that! Quick tea with them and a stop at the auberge on the way back to drop off tools, have a quick drink and chat with Anouk and then head back up.

Al sorted the issue with the internet a loose cable so all pointed and ready to attach all the other bits and pieces.

A nice salad for lunch, pork, feta and beetroot as some of the goodies.

Then it was on to making a shelf for all the internet gubbins downstairs, sorting out power and hey presto internet is now in the main barn. Should make life much much easier.

VERY hot showers and then we had a lovely BBQ outside. Marinaded chicken with ginger, soy, port, sesame and lots more. I also made a new coconut sauce to go with it, both delicious with salad from the garden and a glass of rose happy days.  Some hands of bezique until the light went and to bed.


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