Treehouse Commences

Had a lie in which was lovely. Woke up eventually to a lovely morning, clear blue skies and not quite as chilly as yesterday.

After brekky and sorting e mails we cleared the route to where we are hopin to start the tree house. Not too much in the way. We have purposefully chosen a spot for the first tree house which is quite accessible.

Chain saw was being a bit temperamental might need a bit of TLC….got slightly waylaid with finding mushrooms and tryin to identify them…not sure if we will ever get the hang of it as they all look so similar!!! Problem being some are tasty and some are rather nasty uum we need to o and see Adam to find out which are which.


Anyway, Lee if you can help with telling from the piccys attached if they are edible Great….

Then started planning the layout of the main platform for the tree house with the wood we already have. Lots of ideas and options, so had a late lunch in the sun to come up with a final plan.

Spent a couple of hours in the pm forming the basis of the platform, drilling a few pieces of wood and bolting them in place before we lift them up to the tree.


Al managed to shimmy up the tree with various pieces of kit and secure the top platform. We got the 3 main pieces of wood in place ready to lift up tomorrow, sunshine permitting.


Made the bed sleeping arrangements a bit more secure before dinner.



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