With a view to having a slightly more productive day than yesterday Breezy set an alarm and had a slightly longer list of chores.

We fitted some pulleys to the ridge beam in the main barn and took down the scaffolding. That all went down to the van as we had arranged to go up to Clive and Giselle’s for a drink late afternoon.

After that Breezy and I set about packing a bag of kit to take to the States. That soon escalated to sorting out all the boxes, bags and trunks of kit that we have been building around in the main barn.

The sun finally put in an appearance at about noon when Alison and Peter turned up for a coffee with Alison’s daughter, Hana, and a small bag of beans from their garden.

After lunch we carried on with chores including drying out the tent and packing it away and log splitting etc etc. Clive and Giselle still have 5 cats and are on good form. Spag Bol for sups and back to book reading.

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