Sun, Washing up Area and a Social Day with Midges!

Woke up to glorious sunshine again and no luck with the internet so we abandoned that idea and decided to make an area for washing up underneath the tree. We have been balancing washing up etc on a plank and each time things nearly fall off and break so we set to.

We used some old wood for the surface that Al had recuperated from the Chamonix bus stop which has had huge repair works going on and lots of wood being skipped and made some box legs.

All seemed to work quite well and we now have a stable work area for washing up, prepping food outside etc. All these little things make a difference in making life easier on the day to day living.

Another 2 minute job was to make a parasol holder for the parasol. Quite quick just making a hole in the tree stump to accommodate the parasol so now we can have lunch outside without beijng too hot which the last few days it has been.


We decided one last go at the internet so while Al tweaked things I did a bit more strimming creating clearer paths up the barn. Strimmer not running brilliantly but enough to do a bit more.

Went to help Al with trying to tweak the satellite but after getting excited with the right tone on the second carrier we could progress no further. Will this ever work again. We are now thinking maybe we were just really lucky the first time with it working so easily.

Good roast chicken sandwiches for lunch.

Back down to Salau we went to try and get hold of Nordnet but no mobile reception so we opted to go to Seix and buy a phone card so we can use the phone box if we have no reception. We bumped into Serge and Ginette who we rented their apartment off who were up for the Coprop meeting. They were as chatty as ever and seemed on good form.

Finally I got hold of Nordnet and then wish I was fluent in French. To find out that we need to reset the modem as they have changed something, not quite sure what but at least we have made contact and can hopefully progress as it is becoming a bit dull now!!!

We saw Adam on the way back who dragged us into the bar for a drink and then Peter joined us too. Holland had just won the football so people were in good spirits! 

We were then on to showers, kebabs, cous cous and broccoli and Al's luck continues on the Bezique front…not amused now!!!

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