Stove swap

Another glorious day and we have decided that the Godin stove which we got off Lee is not quite right for the out building, we have other plans for where we are going to put that. We decided to use the pot bellied stove that we had brought out from the UK in the corner. It is slightly larger and fits the space better.

It needed fettling, so we took it apart and re fitted it properly, re sealing it and blackening it up again. A good job to do in the sun. Mind you I think Al had a bit too much sun today and felt rather wiped out in the afternoon.

The pot bellied stove now looks fab and is in situ, next job for that is just to fit the flus etc and test it out. Having that and the insulated roof might be rather toasty in here, we will see. It will be atmospheric anyway.

We had lunch in the shade before having a leisurely afternoon.

We tried again to locate the roof problem by a process of elimination, slowly we will sort it.

Then since it is mushroom time of year we t Pot Belly Stove hought we would see if we could find any. We had a good rummage around in the woods behind, we found a few. Used Sauze’s book to try and find out what they were but still not convinced. We are in need of going with someone who knows what they are doing so we can learn. Sauze and Patrick please come and visit!!!!

A good chilli for supper and an early night.

 Pot Belly Stove

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