Stove and Stairs

Well not actually stairs but in the afternoon we did set to building a ladder up to the Mezzanine. No more dodgey stepladders to get in and out of bed. We managed to cut all the wood ready to assemble it tomorrow.

In the morning we fettled the stove in the outhouse connecting the flue with the aid of an old bean tin. Then fixed the flue on the outside. Having used some stove sealant we decided not to "fire it up" until the morrow.

Instead we chucked a chuck in the oven and smoked the place out with the spitting fat. Breezy did manage to get Skype working for a chat with Scotty and her od daughter Fiona. (Sorry Scotty that was deffo a typo error meant to read God Daughter not Odd Daughter!!!!) It was interupted at one stage when a large flying thing enterd the building and provoked Breezy to shriek and run about in small circle. Twas a moth! Guns

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