St Girons shop

An early start to get down the valley for shopping. Brambles supplemented the normal fruit and yoghurt breakfast.

First call was the laundrette at 0830hrs then found the hairdressers that Anouk recommended. They don’t open ’til 9 so a quick sprint around the market to find a duvet cover. Breezy then headed off for a haircut while I went to the hardware shop and sorted out the laundry. Found Breezy in the hairdressers still waiting. Apparently there was a gaggle of old biddies queuing outside at five to 9 so Breezy had to wait half an hour. So I headed off to La Forgue for some more materials on my own then back to collect Breezy before starting the food shop.

Fresh prawns with garlic mayonnaise for lunch then fitting the sink to worktops and worktops to kitchen units.

Massive food preparations for Sunday as Clive, Giselle and the kids are coming over for lunch. Marinates, salads and dips.

Oven roast pollock and salad for sups.

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