Shower Building At Lee’s


We had looked at the forecast and since it said heavy rain we thought it would be an ideal day to go and help Lee as he is full on with this house. His tenants have moved in and at the moment no plumbing is in place.

After a fab bonanza 2 egg window treat we met Lee at Pont de La Taule and whilst he went for supplies we painted the bathroom roof before beginning the shower construction!!!

For sure a 2 person job what a faffy job and of course a bit missing which was just a tad frustrating. They had supplied the wrong piece meaning that we could not link the shower up as water would just pour out. So Lee now has to go and battle to find a piece from M Brico…good luck in finding the right piece!! Anyway, the shower unit is now free standing in the middle of the bathroom waiting to be plumbed in.

Rained all day so a good day to be indoors working.


Back to the barn for a chilli beef casserole with fab herby dumplings, we were both starving.

I also made a Damson type shortbread which was lacto weirdo friendly for Al. We got the idea from Cecile a few years ago but now we have no scales so it is a bit of a Breezy throw together.

Roughly 3/4 mug of plain flour, 1/2 sachet baking powder, 1/2 mug caster sugar, 1 egg and olive oil to bind together.

Beat egg add to dry ingredients. Add oil to make it to a dough type textureand then knead on to a tray about 1cm thick ish.

I sprinkled some powdered almonds on top because we had some amd then some chopped Damson's I had found at Lee's on top.

Bake for 20-30 mins depending on your oven. Ours does not seem to have a thermostat  so base was crunchy. It is like a sort of shortbread. 

Guess as normal since I don't tend to measure things it will never be the same again but it was very good this time!!! Would have been even better with some good ice cream.


Finshed the book hoorah must choose a better one next time!!!


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