Shopping Day

Market day in St Girons means that last night was the last one on blow up mattresses. Laundry in the machine and we have 35 minutes to find the man on the market and get a mattress before someone unloads our clean but wet laundry onto the floor to use the machine.

He’s not there!

Collect the laundry and head off to collect the generator. It’s not fixed. “Maybe this week?”

Off to Mr Brico to buy stuff and glass then back to the market incase Mr Mattress was late. On route we bumped into Freddie from the Auberge for a chat. He recommended another shop in town for cheap mattresses. Bingo we now have a mattress.


Last stop Carrefour for food. Home for lunch and a big sort out of the bedding situation. Afternoon was very hot so we planned and did some preparation for a day in the trees on Sunday before heading off for dinner at Lee’s with Ian and Nina.

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