Profitting from lack of rain

Now Monday is not a great day to head down the valley to St Girons. A surprising number of places are closed. We have however, run out of plasterboard. By the time we had been for a short shrooming hunt, had breakfast, done the usual internet stuff and had coffee we would not have had time to get down and get supplies before the noon lunch 2 hour break that is normal.

Instead Breezy started digging out compost to add to the raised bed while I finished off the last of the lighting wiring for the 1st floor. We then made a sandwich each and headed off to get the supplies we need to continue. As the plasterboard sheets have to go on the top of the van we need to get them, transport them and unload them on a “good” day. Success!

As we have also managed to restock the fridge we have prawns and BBQ fish for sups.

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