Productive Day with Gizelle

Van returned safely, Vinnie all healthy so back to normal. Mum and Dad left today via Carcassone, looking forward to hearing about it. Not sun but no rain all day until 7pm when we had just reached the bar!!! A day of getting things done, or so it felt like. We had Gizelle on site today, nice to have some female company and someone my own size!!! well actually smaller than me would you believe it? Probably not but true!!! Walls built up, “jambe de force” constructed and cemented in. These just need to be nailed with old authentic nails. Steel reinforcement around the walls, entwined and ready for capping tomorrow. Me up and down the hill all day shovelling, gravel and delivering water. Muddy as!!! Visit from Pierre who insists on helping us tomorrow, which will be a useful extra pair of hands for capping day. All set for a big day tomorrow weather permitting.

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