New floor in the bog

Floor boards, floorboards, floorboards…but now we have a first floor in the annex. We spent the vast majority of the day laying floor boards. The petrol lantern was brilliant and worked a treat in allowing us to see what we were meant to be doing!!!

 Al was chief chopper and measurer and I was chief hammerer!!! We got faster as the day went on and we managed to get the floor down and a coat of varnish on before the day was out.

VarnishingVarnishing  Finished floorFinished floor

Al did say half way through the day that after finishing the floors in the Slaughterhouse, next time he had to lay floor boards they would have to be huge….well I have to agree for the main floor in the barn big is definitely the way forward!!!

The next challenge was to keep the bats out so they did not sh*t  over the new floor. The old rug was  put up along with roofing felt to keep them out and we put cardboard in the windows. We hoped this would work and as we found out the next day it did BRILLIANT!!!

Homemade pizzas and Al cracked on with his OLS work, he had a lot to do by the morning so I read my book.

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