Mixed Day

Sun shine keeps coming. So we attacked the terrace outside the barn door before brekky.

We had decided that since we are planning on laying the concrete floor on our own that we need an easy area to work from, to make life easier. The easier way we could see was to level out the area outside our main door into the barn so that we can get the ballast there, cement mixer on level ground and a flat area to hold water.

Once we had decided on a plan it all seemed quite easy.

We had some huge pieces of wood in the barn so we used those to create a barrier into which we could back fill.

Plenty of compost from when we originally dug out the barn was stakced aginst the side wall so all accesible for digging out and filling in. It was all beginning to take shape when I did not feel well, think the same that Al had the last few days so decided to retire to bed where I stayed for the rest of the day.

Al pottered on and made huge progress and then set too in tidying the workshop so we can get in etc.

A quiet evening with some cards, an episode of Spooks and an early night for a change 9pm!!!


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