Logs & Pulleys

We spoke to Clive the evening before and he said that we would see him at lunchtime after he finished off another job. Hans and I started to shift the large floor beams into the building while Breezy used the mucktruck to collect water from the river and decant it into the 500ltr water but we bought yesterday. The two beams are 7m long and large sections. Each weighs about 750kg. We managed to get then into the building with ropes, pulleys and sweat. With hoists on the safest of the old roof joists we managed to lift the beams into positions where they would be easy to slot into place. After that success we went back to stripping the roof. By the end of the day we were left with a skeleton of a building. Strange to think that if it was in this state when we first saw it we would never have even contemplated buying it. It would have saved us loads of dosh if we had.

Hans' new hatHans' new hat How Big?How Big? HeaveHeave 

Clive did not show in the end so we caught up with him by phone to make arrangements for Friday.

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