Hoorah!! An uninterrupted night. So it was the culprit in the solar box. He had not discovered that he could sneak under the ill-fitting door and regain the advantage.

It was cold as soon as we opened the door. Autumn is definitely here.

On a mission to save the battery we fired up the generator for internet only to find that it kept cutting out (the generator). The next half hour was spent fettling that.

Next we set about cutting up some firewood. The chainsaw would not play ball either. So used the generator and the zip saw instead.

Thought we ought to check that the mucktruck was working so shifted all the ballast from outside into the main barn. No problem and it kept the cold at bay. Shifted the tin from under the ballast round the back to tidy the place up and then used the mucktruck to fetch more stones from the river to fill the water capture butt.

The sun reached us about 11am and we set to burn the trees we had cut down up the back and chop up some wood for fuel.

A late lunch after, which Annie came to visit and learn what we had done with solar and lighting. She left with a lighting rig for her place and the know how to set it up.

Back up the back to clear some more trees and burn them.

All in all a good physical day and a few more ticks off the list of things to be done.

Cleared up and went for a forage for mushys in out favourite spot coming back with another two bollettes for the beef stew.

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