Inernet Traumas Continue

We woke up to a glorious day again and decided we best set to again trying to sort out the internet before midday so we could call them if need be. Lots of frustration and getting nowhere in a hurry and a bit over hearing the old razor sound from pointing and not getting the satelite. So we decided we would head down to Salau and contact Nornet the satelite providers and collect the ladders. 

Firstly we needed to get the roof rack on which we had got second hand over the winter. Thought this would be a 2 minute job but the screws were just a bit rusty so the whole thing took a lot longer. Anyway, the 3 roof rack bars are now on and means getting supplies should be easier.

In the meantime, the first of the schoolkids had arrived on their way to Cascade Beze. The teacher had passed by a month ago and asked if they could picnic by the river, which we had said no problem. Did not quite expect well over 100 school kids to descend!!! The noise fo the river was louder than the kids though!!!

We left them to it and headed off with list of things to do before midday.

We saw Clive and Giselle who are very busy working on Raymond's house and making good progress, they seem on good form. Raymond then gave us a guided tour around his place which is enormous, he is converting it into several apartments to rent out but it looks small form the outside but as soon as you go inside it is vast. Lots of work to be done and I think Clive is full time on it until next summer.

Tried to touch base with Nordnet who were not very helful on the helpline and said to ring technical assistance who were already on lunch!!! So no further forward.

We had a quick coffee with the Dutch couple and Rene and Anuk were there too so caught up with them, no ladders as yet but collected some post.

Won't bore you with the continual internet pointing, no luck, tweak this tweak that no luck so abandoned that for the day and decided to move the small log pile from the side of the outbuilding to prevent beasites living in the walls, slightly concerned as we have had 2 mornings of finding ants on the mezzanine so want to get rid of them asap. 

We popped back down to the village to collect a door and a couple of windows that Clive had snaffled for us and loaded them into Vinnie to take back up. So then we had a couple of beers with Clive and Marian (who's mother used to own our barn) before trundling back up the piste to have roast chuck, herby roasted potatoes and broccoli for supper.

We saw Henri and his wife and dog on the way back so had a chat with them and he gave us the go ahead to put a postbox up, just now need to see the postlady at midday one day when she passes so she know who we are and where the post needs to go!!!

Once we had whacked the chicken in we both had showers. We have moved the shower point down to the front of the building, just saves a lot of time, lacks the privacy but by the time we get to shower most folk have gone down the piste and are having dinner, well that's what we hope anyway!

Al's luck seems to be in on the old Bezique front I feel it has to change sometime soon!!!

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