Inedible chicken

A real scorcher of a day and so much so that the water we heat in the solar bags was almost too hot and we nearly needed to add cold water!!!

The morning was spent again with the dreaded pointing fiasco which we are both looking forward to finishing. That took all morning before having a late lunch and then doing some outdoor stuff.

We still have a huge pile of wood to make into logs and we said we would take a trailer load to Alison and Peter so chopped a load for them before starting a fence for the veggie patch area in a hope to keep out the donkeys and wild boar from eating anything we plant. Trial and error I think on that front, firstly seeing if what we plants actually grows and if it does, will it survive the grazing animals???

Shower with a viewShower with a view 

Disaster of a dinner, roast chicken that was inedible, a real scrawny thing which any meat we could get off was so tough that I did not bother attempting to try and eat it, roast potatoes were good though!!!! Looking forward to a meat fest tomorrow!!!!

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