Got the toilet!!

Spoke to Clive early to ask him if he could arrange a delivery of ballast for us. He has a contact with a 4×4 lorry who can deliver on site. He can’t get it over the bridge but can dump ten tonnes to just the other side. Should be plenty, and doesn’t go off, so that should be great. Also arranged to meet Clive and Gizelle for a drink early evening. Also spoke to Murray and arranged to borrow his mixer and muscles for a day when we get the ballast in. Picked up toilet at nine a.m. and went up to the grange. Another sunny day so we fastened all the roof joists together providing a stable frame to start sorting out the walls. The wall tops don’t meet the roof and are very loose, covered in beautiful ferns and sedum. They all need taking apart and weeding to provide a stable base to then start building them back up to meet the framework of the roof. As we are trying to be as economical as possible the joists (chevrons) are all surplus from the barn roof and are only just long enough so we had very little tolerance in nailing the frame together.

Repairing openingsRepairing openings 

Unloaded the toilet into the barn but did not open the boxes. Save that delight for a rainy day. Then back down the valley to shower and change before heading off to Annie’s to collect the mixer and straight on to Clive’s for a drink. Left them with an invite to dinner the following Saturday.

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