Epic Shop and Near Disaster….

A HUGE buy at Le Forgue, the Velux windows being the most important and expensive. Poor old Vinnie is once again heavily ladened!!!

Got some Early start as we knew we had loads to do in the St. Girons.

glass cut at Brico before trying to get Vinnie sorted for a new exhaust. Hopefully, the parts are ordered and we will drop him off next Thurs for the fitting. All seemed a bit chaotic so we will see what happens.

Shovelled another trailer load of sand to take back with us too.

Then a big super market food shop for arrival of Anne on her bike, Dad by car and Stevie by train all arriving this week.

We popped in at Seix on the way back to book a restaurant for the Friday night and then collected washing and a lettuce from Clive’s garden.

A quick chat at the auberge with Anouk and a viewing around the place they have bought behind the auberge which I am sure will be FAB and give them the space they need. Out the door by 730am and off to feed the cats at Clive’s and whack a load of washing in ready for our return.


Sun was well and truly out and it was hot!!!

A quick unload of perishable food into the fridge, which is very much still a novelty and has changed life for us down here. Washing out to dry on the mew washing line and then prawns for lunch on the bottom terrace under the brolley!!!

We had a good hour of shifting stuff from Vinnie up the hill. In the middle of loads I decided I had time to do the washing up…..bad move…..put the water on… and when we had unloaded and prepped walls for tomorrow thinking about a glass of rose….eeek the chuffing pan. Needless to say no pan no more, luckily no more serious damage than a burnt pan and a smell in the out building. Opened all windows, threw pan out the door and breathed a sigh of relief that the place had not burnt down. Trying to do too many things at once.

So we are all prepped for a big on day on pointing again tomorrow with Hans as well due to be here.

For once we finished and showered by 6pm and it now seems we have oodles of time to catch up on  other stuff.

Mackerel prepared for the BBQ tonight and luckily it is warm and we are outside so the smell can disappear before bed time!!!



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