Early start

Woke early and went straight up to the grange. The more time we spend putting a roof on the little out house the more we think that it would make a really cosy place to sleep. First off finished spragging the wall plates together. Although we had enough douglas fir left over to do the wall plates in one piece, we decided that if we used some smaller lengths joined together we could save one long length for a more deserving need. It also meant that we could use one of the longer lengths cut in half as floor joists inside the outhouse as a mezzanine. So that’s what we did next. This gave an added benefit of a high platform inside the building for sorting the wall tops out.

Wall plates in place and then the chevrons and it is starting to look like a building. Track down a cement mixer, a muscle bound oaf and a delivery of ballast and we should have the walls capped and ready for laying the poplar planking. May take a bit of time and effort though!

As we only have the gite for three weeks and have four weeks here, we are planning to stay at the grange (camping inside) for the last few days. The main barn has attracted loads of mice and bats, making it slightly less desirable. Heating will also be an issue as it’s big, has no heater and has loads of holes in the walls. So we are now thinking that the old shepherd’s hut could offer a far more appealing alternative. That is if we get the roof on and if we get the toilet installed in the main building and if we get to make a door? Let see how things go!

Got back to a note on the door from Cecile who has picked up the keys to the Mayor’s garage and so we can get the toilet. Unfortunately she was then out so we made arrangements to collect it the next morning.

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