Dust and Hay

Rather a dismal day today but ideal for inside clearance. Looking at the main part all seemed a tad scary and daunting, to me anyway!


Concern being that the whole roof would fall down if we touched the vital beams. Eek! Climbing hats went on, very good idea. We decided to clear a pathway to reach the back door safely so we could then chuck the dead wood straight out rather than manoeuvring it around the front of the building. This would have taken ages. A great make shift corrugated iron shoot helped immensely in the time it took us.


Getting the old beams out was interesting, Al being a decent height and me considerably smaller made it challenging but we managed to get the beams out with the walls still in tact. Al was concerned re the central main beam holding the roof up so we constructed a winch system to inch it 3 inches across to rest more securely (we hope) on a more stable cross beam.By the end of the day we had amazingly cleared out the whole main building of dead wood, salvaged as much of the other wood as possible for later use and created a HUGE pile of dead wood outside. We are no ready for a big bonfire! Enough of dust and old hay we opted to clear an area by the 4X4 track. Hopefully this will become one of the driving entrances, which we are planning to do to enable us to drive in one way and out the other.

I was in need of fresh air so we had a little stroll up to Cascade Leziou, which we can see from the Bergerie.

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