Dead Tree Falls

A slightly overcast day which was great news for felling the tree as it was not too hot. Peter and Steve turned up at 930am with chain saw in hand.

It was a really hard morning’s work for Al especially as he was the only one with the skill to be able to hold the chain saw up high and cut. It was a big tree!!! so it took it’s time to drop.

We got the tree under tension with chain hoists and ropes and then finally it fell and landed exactly where Al wanted it too and not on the bridge…phew!!!!

The hard work then began for the rest of us. Peter worked hard chain sawing down at the river, Steve was lugging wood up to the van. I was chain sawing into pieces with Al and loading into the van. 2 trips to Peter’s pad to drop the wood. All the girls unloading at the other end and stacking. I don’t think Peter will volunteer help again!!!

It was 1.30pm before they headed off down the valley for a much needed lunch me thinks!!! Thanks masses Peter and Steve, we hope all the good firewood lasts you the winter, it was a HUGE help and would have been a nightmare on our own. Just need to lug the large stumps up the hill tomorrow.

Al was pooped so we had hot showers and then for once the afternoon off after a 3.30pm lunch.

We sorted boxes, trunks and food up in the main barn. Then I had time to start on sorting out the overflowing inbox of paperwork well overdue.

We tried to see Jean Claude again our neighbour but he was out so we could relax Chez Nous with a light fish supper and a film.

Some drizzle tonight but forecast now good all week which is great news.

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