Coppicing Bonanza

After enormous rain last night we were hoping that it would be blue skies but the weather gods not with us. Cloudy but dry so we had brekky in the warmth before having a massive Coppice attack with Charlie and Al wielding chain saws and Becs and I trying to keep up with getting rid of the debris. Huge impact thanks guys, very much many hands make light work. Drinks on the terrace much needed and Al spied an enormous coumelle.

Showers for some before lunch and pates and cheeses inside sadly. Charlie not leaving Becs with any Pave….not amused!!!! just as well we had another one for supper.

We then meandered off for a forage a few of the last brambles and some more coumelles which will make a good starter for tonight.

Wet weather plan was a drink at the bar and a game of Boules. 4 competitve people made for some good games. Bad luck Charlie and Becs maybe a little more practice before next years revenge!!!

It was then back to the shack and a shower and warm up for Becs before the pink fizz rolled out again with delicious coumelle croutes as nibbles outside.

BBQ lit and we retired inside for rummy bonanzas and marinaded chicken and sausages with potato salad, yet more cheese and wine and then collpased! Early start for us all tomorrow as Charlie and Becs need to be in Carcassone for their 10am flight back to the UK.

It has been FANTASTIC to have you both out here on such cracking form just a shame there was not much sun for you to enjoy it in it’s full glory….next year!!! Thanks masses to you both for making the effort we LOVED having you both.

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