Bracken is Cleared

Hoorah at last the sun has decided to return, fingers crossed it is here to stay, makes all the difference.

After a quick brekky we decided to set to and finish off clearing the bracken. In just over an hour the rest of the bracken was cut and now just drying ready to be burnt in a few days time, should open up some more of the meadow. It will probably need another cut later on but should not be so bad if we keep on top of it.


We had also decided that we wanted to make some indentation into the wood pile just by the outbuilding, so we attacked that making it into logs to fit the log burner, all stacked ready for use. We do seem to be getting through a lot of wood with this bad weather we have been having recently as it is so lovely to have the fire on at night keeps us snug.

Salad lunch outside difficult to get going again….

Anyway, the plan is for good weather tomorrow so we ideally are hoping to get to work on the tree house. To make life easier we decided to clear the path to the platform to make it easier for getting the muck truck to it. This then turned into a little foraging session and we managed to find some bollets to go with the beef. Lots of other mushies around but not too sure they are edible so left them out of the cooking.

A cuppa before making the hole for the stairs. All quite stress free so far. Al balanced with the chain saw and cut the 3 floor joists out which we had marked up. Then it was a matter of cutting a couple of chevrons to support the joists we had just cut. Plenty of whacking of nails and we are nearly there a bit more to do tomorrow but showers, food and other bits and pieces beckoned.

Roast chuck for supper and beef cuzza slowly cooking for tomorrow too. Oh we do like our food!!!


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