Bits and Pieces

Blue skies again and as Al said as we were having brekky this am. isn't it great to be up early and seeing the sunrise over the barn….well it was 9.15am but lovely nonetheless!!!

My back was on the mend but still not keen to be swinging from trees or doing heavy work so we had a pottery day with a few more ticks off the list.

An hour on the old internet first thing sorting out a few work e mails and photos for the Blog.

We had a problem a few weeks back when we had really heavy driving rain with a small leak in the outbuilding which we think was just from the rain driving between the slates. We had been meaning to do something about this for a while but today was the day. Not too much hassle just putting some wood over the existing chevrons to protect the joint so hope that does the trick once and for all, fingers crossed. Seems a lot easier than the problem we have with the main roof, which we still have to sort….

A yummy chicken salad in the sun, we still have an abundance of lovely lettuces and roquet from the garden which is a lovely change from our usual butties.

Motivation was bit low, we seem to have been here and going at it without much else happening, so I think we are probably a bit tired and in need of some variety, a bit of climbing or walking is on the cards when knees and backs permit!!!

We had wanted to get the out building door a bit more secure. Al had rescued more wood from the skip in Chamonix and we used this to reinforce the front door to the out building, may look a bit bright from the other side of the river for a while but should make the door last a bit longer.

A few spits of rain whilst we had the old outdoor showers but then it seemed to clear again which was good.

Remains of beef cuzza for supps with a game of scrabble on the agenda too.



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