Big Progress

Clive got on site before us and had already started whittling a truss. Security is not really tight with no roof at all and steps that lead up the back over the wall.  It was a beautiful day, almost too hot around lunchtime and all of us guzzling lots of water.

The morning’s challenge was to get one of the trusses up and in place using Clive’s mighty new winch. A very handy new toy!

Clive and Hans had a bit of final touches to the truss framework before it was heave ho into place and it looks great.

That then needed securing by getting some of the ridge beam in and cementing the truss into place. Lots of cement loads for Al and Murray to put on the gable end to make it really start looking like a roof. All the guys are working really hard and achieving loads which is great to see.

Seeing a third of the framework in place was just great.

Chris left today and headed home with a lot less than he arrived with. He has been a HUGE help in all ways. Many, many thanks Chris. Coming back for the “roof party”????

Truss oneTruss one 

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