An early start from the hotel for our flights and spent all the time until we got on the plane in queues, Al did not even get a chance for a coffee.

Arrived to sunshine in Toulouse and jumped a taxi to Alison and Peter’s where Vinnie was. We then planned to try and find a cooker for the main barn, we did a lot of looking but undecided as very difficult to find a 5 ring gas hob with both gas oven and grill, so still looking.

Luck seemed to be on our side again as we got to the barn and it stayed dry for us to unload Vinnie which made a huge difference.

Fire on in the out building and essentail unpacking and preparing somewhere to lay our heads and have some food! The outbuilding luckily takes very little to get warm and we made a very quick and easy spag bolg for supper with a bottle of prosecco and a few hands of cards before crashing. Good to be back,  the mountains look very pretty with all the snow on them, seems like it could be a while before we can walk up the summits.


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